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“Prospect Hill Apartments are nice and in quiet, great neighborhood.  Our superintendent, Kamil, is very courteous and responsive – he is the best!”
Tristan H.
“ Prospect Hill Apartments are excellent with a very kind and caring landlord.  The superintendent works his “tail” off.  He is the hardest worker I have ever seen.  The office staff is terrific!  The complex is very close to buses and train station which is wonderful.”
Suzanne G.
”I mostly like the location, how convenient and overall quiet it is.  The superintendent is very attentive and hard working.”
Barbara P.
“Most attractive aspect of Prospect Hill Apartments is the location, location, location…pretty grounds, quiet, friendly neighborhood and an outstanding superintendent – the best super ever that is sweet, polite, extremely competent and very hard working.  The office staff is extremely helpful and courteous.”
Fern B.
“ My overall experience at Prospect Hill Apartments is very enjoyable – quiet neighborhood, great location, excellent landlord, absolutely helpful and courteous office staff, and a great living space.”
Joseph L.
“Prospect Hill Apartments are close to all facilities in Red Bank and surrounding communities.  Our superintendent, as well as the office staff, are exceptionally courteous, helpful and responsive.  The complex is nicely kept and clean.”
Edward K.
“Living at Prospect Hill Apartments, I found that it is a very pleasant, quite and serene neighborhood.  The office staff is the most courteous that I ever met.  You always answer my questions and requests.  The superintendent is a great, very hardworking guy. “
Nestor M.
“My favorite part of Prospect Hill is the close location to downtown Red Bank and Jersey Shore.  Overall experience has been excellent thus far.”
Kevin O.