Why Rent From Us

At Gelber Associates, the management company for Prospect Hill Apartments, a team of professionals takes great pride in providing outstanding excellent customer service. From dedicated maintenance staff to main office personnel, we are here every step of the way to ensure that your renting experience is unmatched by any other.

At Gelber Associates, we find immense satisfaction in helping renters find beautiful, well-maintained homes where they can live the lives of their dreams. Because we have a long history of helping tenants, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that a team with industry knowledge and premium customer service is on your side.

Resident benefits

When you choose to reside in this property, you will have access to premium customer service and maintenance team. You will be set up with a dedicated resident portal that will allow you to manage your rent payments and any maintenance requests right from your computer or your smart phone. Of course, we are always available via a phone call or an email as well.

All members of that team bring decades of experience and expertise in practically every aspect of construction all done with a professional and caring attitude. They take pride in their work and make sure that the building is maintained inside and out.

You will also find a team of professionals ready to assist you with any questions and/or concerns you may have at the main office. State of the art resident portal gives your 24-7 access to your leasing documents, ability to pay rent online, submit requests, or view any announcement.

Superior customer services

At Gelber Associates Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service for all of our tenants in any one of our seven properties. Most of our properties have access to an on-site superintendent and field staff team to help manage ongoing property maintenance and to address immediate concerns. As a residential tenant at Gelber Associates Inc. properties, you can rest assured that our team is there to support you. We know you have plenty of options for rental properties, which is why we go the extra mile to provide keen attention to detail and a full-service tenant experience.

Responsible tenant management

As a Gelber Associates Inc. tenant, you can rest easy knowing that our team is well versed in tenant management industry standards. Our tenants enjoy the convenience of easy-to-access online rent payments, comprehensive and professional leasing services, and well maintained (often renovated) properties.

Immediate and ongoing maintenance work

As your property manager, the team at Gelber Associates Inc. understands the importance of prompt and thorough maintenance work. We take pride in your home and our buildings, so you know that all ongoing and emergency maintenance will be addressed in a timely and professional manner. At Gelber Associates Inc. properties, we ensure maintenance requests are made easy for our tenants through our on-site superintendent team and field maintenance staff. A well-maintained and beautiful building is one of the primary ways we provide value and service to our residential clients.

A sense of community

We understand that our properties are home to our tenants. We work hard to create a sense of community in all of our rental properties by establishing a serene community feeling that begins with a beautiful building and property. All of our seven property locations are accessible by major roadways, public transportation, community services, and local retailers and attractions so you can feel a part of your community no matter which property you choose. As a member of our Gelber Associates Inc. family, your home is our responsibility.

Prospect Hill Apartments are excellent with a very kind and caring landlord. The superintendent works his “tail” off. He is the hardest worker I have ever seen. The office staff is terrific! The complex is very close to buses and train station which is wonderful.

Tristan H.